Yes!!! could go together:
• good taste, with healthy diet
• to enjoy food, keeping a good shape and a nice body

All you need is to love to select good products and learn to use them.

We export carefully selected Mediterranean F&B products of high quality and nutritional value, with distinctive features and identity (e.g PDO, PGI, organic, sugar or gluten free).

We ensure our product quality standards through inspections and tests at all levels. We cooperate with universities and laboratories to check and improve the quality standards of the raw material, production and packaging.

Method & International Network

We speak the same language (of procedures, specs, agreed terms) with the professional buyers: Fast and reliable service and communication...

Marketing Plan

Our MEDFRESH export brand, having the knowledge and the experience of the very competitive international market, supports it’s partners – buyers with a full and promotion plan.


We bring the Hellenic goods in the center of the biggest cities, closer to customers. An affordable and safe way to penetrate the market. A complex of stores: all day bar restaurant, souvlaki corner....


Mediterranean Culture