MEDFRESH franchise

We develop the MEDFRESH franchise

We bring the Hellenic goods in the center of the biggest cities, closer to customers. An affordable and safe way to penetrate the market.

A complex of stores: all day bar restaurant, souvlaki corner, frozen yoghourt corner, delicatessen, travel office.

We link the products with the country and the region, we give to products a stronger identity and uniqueness, a bigger added value!

MEDFRESH franchise Concept

“The MEDFRESH all day-bar-restaurant”

  • welcomes the visitor to experience new flavors, taste new dishes, try new delicatessen products and travel through his senses to the Mediterranean.
  • is a complex of stores, that promotes the Mediterranean food culture and lifestyle.
  • The various services and retail shops, that are included in the complex, create a unified friendly, fresh and vibrant environment.
  • Apart from the restaurant and the delicatessen shop, the complex includes a tourist agency, a snack bar, a grill bar and a frozen yogurt stand, all designed under a unified concept.

Complex Stores