Marketing Plan

We are creating stands and corners to present our products with unified identity.

We are developing extra marketing – promotion material with:

pictures and videos,

stories about the products, origin, tradition, quality …

we publish the product specs, analysis, awards for comparison with others. We publish also surveys about the nutritional value of products and the way that help human body and general health.

We are giving ideas and recipes, how to use and cook our products

The brand MEDFRESH is the umbrella for economically feasible and noticeable promotion of our products in the Global market.

Our MEDFRESH export brand, having the knowledge and the experience of the very competitive international market, supports it’s partners – buyers with a full and multiscale promotion plan.

We promote the umbrella brand MEDFRESH as tag or label, (over the original label of the producer).

In store Promotion and Display, with:​

  • mini (desk) Stands
  • Large (floor) Stands (photo on the right)
  • Corners or – store in store – places with the same and unified design & concept with our booths (below)

We support our participation in Exhibitions, like the SIAL Shanghai exhibition (see the photo on the right) and TASTE OF THE WORLD at Free Trade Zone (FTZ) in Qinzhou (South – East China) (exhibition, store complex and duty free warehouse) which operates all year.

With natural – eco materials and Mediterranean design concept.

We cooperate with our local embassies and Greek export organizations, to implement promotional activities, such as:

  • Tasting & Media Events
  • Media Presentations
  • VIP Dinners
  • Combination of Cultural & Commercial Events for Greek products in Fleet Market style, promotions in Hotels and Store Chains

MEDFRESH – placements


Mediterranean show cooking.
We cooperate with schools of chefs in Greece and we are ready to provide professional chefs for shows and permanent work in China

We provide dedicated website ( ) where we list our suppliers and their products.

We develop presentations and we publish nformation and recipes of our products, to support our sales and consumers in each country.

We are developing a global network and our partners are also members, where we can exchange info, experience and products.
New countries in our network:
• U.S.A
• Canada
• France
• South Africa

Good communication :

1.We invite our partners and buyers in Greece, in order to see the factories of our partners – producers, and feel confident about the quality and production capacities, learn our products and food culture.

2.Greek producers and experts visit our partners abroad, to train and support them

China, May 2016

Summary from our trip to China. Creator: Koumaridou Anastasia

MEDFRESH ASEAN EXPO China, September 2016

The inauguration of the Hellenic booth were made by the Greek responsible for Economic and Commercial Affairs of the Embassy of Greece in Beijing Mr. Em. Stantzo presence of the Consul General of Greece in Guangzhou Mr. Gr. Tassiopoulou

MEDFRESH – in the Copenhagen airport “Delicious By Nordic” store