Zante Agricultural Cooperatives Union

The Zante Agricultural Cooperatives Union was founded in 1920.
Its members are 27 primary cooperatives with 2,150 farmers. Since its establishment the cooperative has been active in various sectors but mainly in trading in agricultural products produced on our island.
ZACU’s main activities today include the collection, standardization and trading in the basic agricultural products of Zakynthos, namely Zante currants, olive oil, wine and trading in agricultural utility items such as fertilizers, feed, pesticides, tools and services such as subsidies, VAT reimbursement etc.
For this purpose the Union has a raisin factory, olive oil bottling facilities, winery and an agricultural supplies, pesticides and machinery shop.
The Union has a large real estate and in recent years a lot of effort is made to utilize it in the best possible way.
Despite the rapid growth of tourism in recent years, we firmly believe that agricultural production should continue thriving because it is the solid basis of economic growth. We are also confident that all the conditions for a collaboration of the agricultural and tourism sector are present and this collaboration would be of mutual benefit since a large part of the agricultural production can be absorbed by the tourist consumption. As long of course as the Zakynthian products are preferred, as being of better quality, but also as an integral part of the Zakynthian culture.
We are still looking at expatriates Zakynthians as being the best ambassadors for our products abroad and for this reason we have started a valuable cooperation with the associations of Zakynthian expatriates all around the world.

Our aim is to support farmers of Zakynthos, to promote our products, to preserve our tradition and culture, to promote our homeland.

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