The sacred honey of Delphi…

In this land, the light enchants everything. Honey is the magic filter. The father of the gods, Zeus, was brought up with it. It was honey that gave strength to the god Apollo and gave Pythia the greatest power in the world, that of foreseeing the future. The twelve gods of the Greek mythology were eating ambrosia, a food primarily consisting of honey and nectar, because they believed that this would make them immortal and powerful. Mellin is a new brand which is exclusively inspired from Greek mythology. This is evident from its name Mellin, a synthesis of the words Ellin (Greek) and Mellon (future), as well as from its packaging.

Our honey “ΜΕΛΛΗΝ“ of a limited production is produced of fir trees and thyme of Mt Giona and wild flowers and herbs of the wider region, as well. Mt Giona, in the Municipality of Delphi, also known as Asselinon Oros (mountain without moon) in the antiquity, with a maximum altitude of 2,508m, hosts our apiary.
More specifically, it is located in Raches, an area of incredible natural beauty. The lush vegetation of the area in combination with the traditional way of production and standardization, solely kept by our family, attribute all those features to our product which make it stand out for its exceptional quality.

Thick and limpid honey of amber colour with golden yellow tints. Characterized by a smell of wood and smoke. Its taste is slightly sweet with a long-lasting effect. Its flavour is of medium strength with tones of malt and caramel.

Production and awards

Mellin’s beehives are found at the Mountain Giona at the location Raches, while the workshop is located at Malandrino in Fokida. The product is an organic fir honey of a limited production (approx. 1,000 pieces per year) which is produced at Giona’s fir forest where natural thyme bushes thrive allowing them to produce organic fir honey with thyme and organic thyme honey. Recently Mellin honey was included in the list of the best organic honeys in the world and the company managed to win two silver medals in its first participation in the international organic honey competition Biolmiel which takes place annually in Italy.

The founder, Constantinos Rellos is a young man passionate about ancient Greek history and a 3rd generation honey producer. His aim was to produce a contemporary product which carries a history of thousands of years, and make it travel across the world. Mellin has already received international awards such as Great Taste Awards.

«The salvation of the human mind and soul comes through education and the virtues that the ancient Greek civilization stands for. Organisations like Branding Heritage help revive and promote ancient Greek culture on a global scale.».

Constantinos Rellos

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